CastPrint for hand / wrist fractures

The most common type of fracture is a wrist fracture. This fracture is particularly unpleasant when the patient's primary arm has been injured, which is used for most daily tasks. The classic plaster cast is heavy, dense, thick, and in most cases, can partially immobilise fingers as well, which makes it difficult to carry out everyday activities, even wearing your favourite outfits. This is why the sleek 3D printed casts are more suitable for fracture treatment. CastPrint is custom made to each patient specifically, making sure that you can still enjoy your everyday activities.

The treatment period for this injury is usually 3 – 8 weeks.

CastPrint for hand fractures

CastPrint for scaphoid bone fractures

One of the most unpleasant wrist injuries is a fracture of the scaphoid bone. During the treatment, the thumb is completely immobilised and covered with plaster. Using a plaster cast for a long treatment like this would cause discomfort and skin irritability for the patient. CastPrint provides a more enjoyable alternative, by printing custom 3D casts that make the treatment process of this injury a lot easier, as it ventilating, does not irritate the skin and is waterproof.

The treatment period for this injury is usually 6 weeks.

CastPrint for scaphoid fractures

CastPrint for metacarpal fractures

Finger fractures occur frequently when doing sports. We believe that this type of injury / fracture or dislocation should not discourage you from taking a part in your favourite sports activities. CastPrint provides a fracture treatment with custom 3D printed casts by bringing you a 3D cast that is lightweight, durable and ventilated, so that you wouldn’t miss out on doing what you’ve come to love.

The treatment period for this injury is usually 3 – 4 weeks.

CastPrint for metacarpal fractures

CastPrint for foot fractures

A foot fracture seemingly disrupts your movement. This common injury forces you to use aid during the fracture treatment. While using crutches, the foot needs to be constantly concave so it would not reach the ground. The heavy plaster cast makes it more difficult to achieve. Equally as difficult is to wash yourself with a plaster cast, but CastPrint waterproof 3D casts allow the patient to complete primary hygiene needs and allows you to easily dry off the skin under CastPrint with a towel or hairdryer. The CastPrint design allows air to reach the skin which decreases sweating and rancidity.

The treatment period for this injury is usually 4 – 8 weeks.

CastPrint for foot fractures

CastPrint for leg fractures

The treatment of a leg fracture can be very unpleasant when using a plaster cast, as it is covering a large area of your skin, encasing your leg in it’s heavy and uncomfortable plaster all around. That is why CastPrint 3D printed cast allows the patient to continue their daily life as they are used to and successfully recover, while at the same time making sure that your leg is getting enough of fresh air and keeping your skin safe and comfortable.

The treatment period for this injury is usually 6 – 8 weeks.

CastPrint for leg

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